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Norroth | FREE to play tile based MMORPG
Many heroes already established in this ancient and epic world.

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update 10 Mar 2013

Patch 0.9.8

- BBcode URL is fixed to open in new page.
- Google translate problem has been fixed (Site-language has been set to `EN`)
- Activated stones now display days left until they expire.
- Buy up to 100 scrolls at once.
- Unique pots and stones from the local merchant can`t be used or popped in combat anymore.
- Just for fun: /me [message] ( Check it out ;) )
- Teleportation ring cannot be sold to blacksmith anymore.
- Character creation bug in IE has been fixed.
- Earned gold from a sale on the market will be deposit in your personal stash.
- Item Max Drop Cap is the same as Current Level cap (lvl 25)
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Register hr Once the towers of Moraja, the first capital reached for the sky and the lands from the Sinaram Sea to the Davar Ocean were prosperous and rich. It was an era of lore, knowledge and ancient magic, and a time of battle for supremacy. The chosen champions of the gods fought alongside mighty dragons, to prove their worth and to bring glory to their deities. It was back then, that their lust for power incited them to tap into the darkest of magics. From the depths of Norroth the shadows rose and started to poison hearts and minds of the people, drawing from the very darkness within their souls. The gods themselves, had to end the world they created. And created it anew. A world full of conflict, ravaged by fierce battles. A world where the gods remain silent and the four races fight to determine their own fate. But wherever there is light, there will be shadow...
arrowStart your journey in a huge and ancient world.
arrowExpand your character with the most powerfull items.
arrowAssist your allies in great and epic battles.
arrowFind hidden passages and shortcuts.
arrowEnter the most dangerous dungeons.
arrowCreate your own alliance.


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